Our Caregivers

Christy Muir – Primary Caregiver, Owner

christyChristy, has a life-long passion and dedication for children’s welfare.  She has 30+ years experience in corporate and privately owned child care settings as well as a previous child care home in Bethany, Oklahoma (1998).  She has taken several child development courses and training along the way. Practicing to be a respectful, gentle parent has been the best course, by far!

Christy and her husband, Will, have four children, ages 25, 21, 15, & 11.  She believes attaining knowledge happens every day, in many different ways and for the last 15 years has facilitated learning by following her children’s interests and needs. Through participating in local homeschooling groups, Christy has had the pleasure of collaborating and engaging in group activities with multiple ages of children and their parents. These collaborative settings have given Christy the chance to maintain and expand on her earlier child care experiences, as well as provide resources for activity ideas, implementation, and support.

She looks forward to serving Oklahoma families who live or work in the Norman area for many years to come.

Will Muir – Chef, Owner & Substitute

willWill is Christy’s lovely husband and Abundant Wonder’s chef.  He works incredibly hard to make most of AW’s meals from scratch and healthier than most. He also acts as one of Christy’s substitutes when she has to tend to other responsibilities. Will was previously an elementary school teacher, and as such has a good deal of experience with children.

Will enjoys music, collecting vinyl records, and spending quality time with his wife and four children.  He has managed Guestroom Records on Main Street in Norman for several years, and plays guitar and bass guitar in local bands.

He loves his role as Abundant Wonder’s chef, and takes it very seriously.  He puts his heart and soul into creating healthy, delicious meals for our children and yours.